All major magazines are covering global beauty trends we should look forward to in 2020. We’ve seen our share of trends come and go and our team of experts have chosen the 5 beauty trends that we think will be even bigger and stronger in the beauty and skincare world.

That post-facial glow!

When is comes to beauty trends, this is one we want to embrace fully. Who wouldn’t want to have that after-facial-glow all the time, right? recent runways and editorials are pointing at the trend of the natural look, no make up-make up, to create beautiful, vibrant and radiating look. Does this mean the end of the contour? We don’t think so, but it’s definitely going into the more subtle direction.

acneaway beautyband acne treatment for clean face

Red Lip and Smokey Eye

It seems like this timeless combo is here to stay and we definitely don’t object. If you’re into classic looks, that winning horse you can always bet on- it would be red lip-smokey eye. It’s the always winning outlet when you’re filling uninspired.

Non-invasive home-use beauty treatments

Many brands are going for this beauty trend. We see how some tools are going from the cosmetics clinics to our bathroom counters, such as he face roller, the pore cleanser, the BeautyBand for acne, the hyaluronic & Glycolic acids… The more brands continue to produce better extractions and formulas, the less we need to visit out cosmetician and we can rely on non invasive routines we can do from home.

Plant-based and Cruelty free beauty products

This beauty trend is here to stay. As Veganism proves itself to be more than just a trend, the beauty industry is not late to adopt these values and create vegan and cruelty free products. Environmental awareness grows in all industries, and brands are recalculating their steps while earning a massive audience for their products.

Beauty From Within

This notion is becoming so popular and we predict a new record in seeing beauty trend setters and influencers adopting and promoting healthy lifestyles. The idea is that beauty comes first and foremost from within. What we nurture ourselves with, the type and amount of water we drink, the physical activity we practice, and out mental state are all part of a bigger interpretation  to the concept of beauty. We look forward seeing positive effect on many levels in the beauty industry.