If you’re new to the skincare routine game, this can be a bit confusing. What comes before what? where’s the serum, and the facial oil, and sunscreen? Yeah, it’s a lot. So we’ve gathered here all the steps for your skincare routine, day and night. If you want, there’s an easy steps poster you can save on your phone and peek at when if forget the steps.


  1. Cleanse
  2. Cleanse Mask
  3. Wear Beautyband for acne or The Original Beautyband for 5-20 minutes
  4. Toner
  5. Treatment
  6. Serum/Hydrating Mist
  7. Chemical Sunscreen
  8. Moisturizing Mask/Moisturizer and Eye Cream
  9. Mineral Sunscreen
  10. Foundation

Your morning routine starts off with a rinse and cleanse. You can use cleansing masks at this point, after your cleansing soap or oil. When your face is clean, you can wear your favorite Beautyband for 5-20 minutes. After removing the Beautyband, you can apply your toner. Toner will give back back some moisture to your skin and prepare the skin for treatment. Next you will apply your treatment products.

This is the point when the skin is prepared to intake all the products applied, so keep these ingredients high in quality! Now comes the Serum. We recommend serums that are rich in Vitamin C, for that super glow! If you’re using chemical sunscreen, this is the time for it, before the moisturizer. If you’re using mineral sunscreen, it should be applied AFTER the moisturizer. After the Serum, you apply your favorite moisturizing face mask or your moisturizer and Eye Cream. DID YOU KNOW? Eye Cream residue can go on your lips or nail cuticles!

After applying your mineral sunscreen, it’s finally foundation and make up time! If your foundation contains SPF, you can skip the sunscreen. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your the rest of your exposed areas when going out to the sun. BEAUTY TIP: Keep a hydrating facial mist in your bag for that middle-of-the-day moisture and vitamin boost you skin is craving for.


  1. Make up removal
  2. Cleanse
  3. Cleansing Mask
  4. Wear Beautyband for acne or The Original Beautyband for 5-20 minutes
  5. Exfoliate
  6. Treatment
  7. Serum
  8. Moisturizing Mask/Moisturizer and Eye Cream
  9. Facial Oil

The end of the day has come and it’s time to take a few minutes of self care! You start off with removing make up. DID YOU KNOW? Coconut Oil is the most natural, efficient and chemical free method to remove make up. Combine with a warm microfiber cloth and you have the best possible make up remover. Then you cleanse and dry gently. If you wish to use a cleansing mask- it’s right after soap cleanse. After cleansing is when you wear your Beautyband for 5-20 minutes.

Then, after removing the beautyband, you can move forward to exfoliation. Using exfoliating toner helps remove any leftover materials, deep clean the pores and prepare for supplements. Get that deep treatment going after the exfoliation- use any special treatments before the Serum. Vitamin C serum will keep your skin flexible and Naturally glowing. After the Serum comes our moisturizing masks or moisturizer, and then your eye cream. Seal the deal with your favorite face oil. Go to bed looking all greased up, wake up with baby skin! BEAUTY TIP: keep your pillow cases clean to avoid contact with bacteria when you sleep.

Here, save these on your phone in case you forget:

Morning skincare routine Beautyband Beauty routine

Night skincare routine beautyband beauty routine