Have you heard about this 60 second rule? If you’re nodding your head with enthusiasm, then you already know.All you have to add to your daily routine, to make is a lot better is: time!!

It’s so simple, yet we didn’t realize this until now. How long does it take you to cleanse your face? How long do you massage it it for? maybe 10 or 20 seconds at most, right?Not anymore you’re not. From now on you will wash your face for a full minute. yep. 60 seconds, while working that soap or cleanser deep into the skin.

Let’s be real- what product on the planter works in 15 seconds? Yeah… super glue or something right? This is why the 60 second rule is so important.

Our soaps and cleansers all need a little bit more to actively cleanse your skin. Massaging gently for an entire minute can make tremendous change in your skin- much cleaner, more smooth, will absorb nutrients more efficiently… Magic! So don’t be wasting your good soap… let it work for real.

Try the 60 second rule for 30 days, and see the difference. It’s actually the cheapest addition to your daily routine – just a few more seconds.

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