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When you put the band on, and you see it pull and lift, it makes you look about 15 years younger… it’s awesome!

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When I saw my AFTER picture from my BEFORE picture, I was startled… it was surprising to see just how much of a difference 30 days would make because the BEAUTYband®’s just so simple and the incremental change[s] over 30 days was dramatic.

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Wrinkles and antiaging is a big concern for me.  I’m from Southern California… I grew up in the sun, so I’m not immune to it. The BEAUTYband® really opens my face, which I LOVE… and it basically fights gravity FOR me, so it pulls everything back and up, which is awesome!

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I love the BEAUTYband®.  And what I really loved about it is it travels so well.  I travel a lot with work… I put it in my suitcase, sometimes even I’ll put it in my car and  I’ll wear it while I’m driving.. I absolutely love it! It’s really great cause it tightens, it tones, and what also I love about it is that it really cleared up my skin.

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As an aesthetician, I’m always trying to incentivize my clients to really maintain their daily beauty regimen. And the BEAUTYband® is just great for that.  It really provides pretty rapid results and it motivates clients to keep using it… and to keep with that daily skin care routine, that is so important.


Licensed Aesthetician

It was like a mini-facelift. I love the BEAUTYband®. When I started using the BEAUTYband® I didn’t add any other products… just the band… and I used it religiously every day, 15 minutes a day, and I really noticed a difference in my skin… my complexion, the wrinkles looked lessened, my droopies are gone… it really is like a mini-facelift… and at my age, oh boy, we can use all the help we can get!


Since I started using the BEAUTYband® I noticed that my skin developed some kind of memory… almost like muscle memory… it remembered to stay tight, and smoother, and pull up, instead of drooping and sagging.