Beauty magazines and bloggers will always tell you what you should be using as part of your skincare & self care routine. But will anyone tell you what NOT to do? What to stop using? Sometimes we’re so used to using some product or we have a habit, at the end of the day it may not be so good for us. So what are we actually talking about?

Stop Using: Hair Conditioner

Here’s the thing, our hair and scalp are capable of creating its own moisture. When we use products that artificially create moisture, our hair will stop producing it. Our bodies can be really lazy sometimes. Using hair conditioner (especially daily) can weaken the roots and actually make your hair dry (as it contains silicones). We recommend using only natural shampoo, and give up the daily wash. Mermaid hair secret: wash once a week or even less.

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Stop Using: Make Up Removing Products

Most of us ladies wear makeup every day. Which means we have to remove it every single day. A lot of the make up removal products are not in line with what we want for our face. It contains all kind of materials that are supposed to melt off the make up, but end up dehydrating and damaging the skin. Our favorite way to remove make up is….. co co co coconut oil!! YES! we swear. Just rub the face gently with coconut oil and use cotton pads or microfiber towel to remove, then use cleansers (DOUBLE UP!).

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Stop Using: HOT WATER.

We don’t actually mean you need to take Ice cold showers from now on, but what we do know, is that your hair and face will thank you for turning down the heat. As we all know- hot water can melt fats. That’s what are dishwasher does- hight temperatures melt off fats. So does the warm water- our natural moisture- on our face and on our heads, are created by essential oils the body produces in order to protect the skin. By washing your face or hair with water that’s too hot, you melt away those good oils and you’re left with dehydrated face, hair and scalp. So keep your water warm-ish and you head up high!!

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