Our Customers Love their BEAUTYband® for Acne!

Upon seeing my before and after pictures, I viewed what I felt was a drastic difference in my overall skin. Wearing the band was an experience in itself. I was really happy with how my makeup applied after wearing the band. I felt that I had joined an important club.

AMIRA E. Age 33

This band has helped me feel more confident in my skin. Without the use of medications (oral or topical) I was able to see a big reduction in inflammation and reduction of breakouts. I definitely will keep this in my routine! Thank you for this opportunity!

LEXSY M. Age 23

My face is the clearest it has been in years! My bumps have smoothed out and my face looks less red! I don’t need to cake on makeup. I’m so thankful for the band. I am going to continue to use it!

PAIGE N. Age 27

I noticed reduced redness in the mornings and my skin clearing up with less breakouts. I’m more confident and wearing less makeup.


My pores appear to be smaller, my breakouts less visible. I feel like washing my face wearing the band is actually doing something.

My Acne has been a struggle for me for many years. But with the band, I feel like I can finally stop stressing so much over my skin. I’m starting to forget I even have breakouts. Thank you!


The acne band has worked very well for me. Prior to using it, I had dark spots and breakouts on my cheeks and they have cleared up greatly. I still get a few hormonal breakouts once in a while, but now that I’m wearing the band they don’t last very long.

TASIA J. Age 20

Before using the band my skin looked very dry. After the first week I could already see great results. I started noticing my skin looking a lot smoother. So glad I came across the band!

DALTON S. Age 20